My Home For The Holidays...

I LOVE to decorate for Christmas...it's an easy win for my favorite time of the year.  This year I leaned towards a mid-century vintage/old school look....I love vintage...the 50's and 60's.

Here's what I've done...there are still little touches left to add...
(top to bottom, left to right)

*My Living Room*
(better picture below). My tree is decorated ONLY with with lights and old-school glass Christmas balls, about 100 of them (I may still add a few more) about half of them are distressed to look vintage--tutorial in next post :)
Sadly, this year we had to opt for a artificial tree... :(

*The Stockings*
We needed new stockings this year...and these came about one evening with supplies I already had...Super simple, I made my own template & they were done in about 2 hours or so.

*Close up of felt 'H' applique*

*Pillow Slipcovers*
A super easy way to change up your decor seasonally...here's what you do...
1. Measure your pillow.
2. You want your seams to be on the sides, not the top or bottom, so cut a rectangle of fabric as wide as your pillow + 1 inch seam allowance (side to side) and 2X as long as your pillow is tall (top to bottom) add about 4 inches. Example: your pillow is 15 inches square; cut 1 piece of fabric 16 x 34 inches.
3. Turn under & hem the two short sides of the fabric.
4. With the right side of the fabric facing up fold the two short ends in, toward each other, overlapping so that (using our example) you have a 16 x 17 inch inside-out 'square'. Pin.
5. Stitch only the two unfinished sides.  Turn right-side out & fit onto your pillow.
(I promise it's easy)

*My favorite Corner.. right now :) * 
...the bookcase will be filled up with Christmas books, as we unwrap and read one each day as part of our Christmas countdown.

*My Santa Countdown*
we actually have 3 countdowns  (this one, the books, & a stocking one)...a little much right?...but each kid gets to do one a night (we rotate) & it works out great.

Likely the only snow I'll see before Christmas (I have my finger's crossed that won't be the case)...these are crochet ornaments pinned to the wall with straight pins.

*Classic Christmas*
Nothing says 'classic Christmas' more than a red poinsettia
 & a glass tree candy jar...although mine is filled with nuts & a nut cracker...which the kids think is so much fun :)

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