So, I've decided to split my shop in two...it has bothered me for a while that the crayon rolls, aprons & pencil cases just didn't 'go'--I like to be organized :) & now I feel like I can expand more on what I sew.  I plan on adding some wallets like the one I made for my daughter (from now on I'm going to just use their initials C...for my oldest son, H...for my daughter & O..for my youngest son...instead of typing out a title) :) & some backpacks for kids that I make out of one bandanna & some shopping bags, just to name a few.

I created a 'spin-off' shop called
for all my fabric projects.

I hope you visit!!

In other news I've been featured in a couple treasuries...
The first one has my Safari Birthday Kit and is
(I was actually featured in another one of hers, I wish I had taken a screen shot of it before I moved my crayon roll over to See Anna Sew...it was a great collection too)
you can visit it here.

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The second has my Flowers & Paisley Bunting featured with other beautiful springtime picks in this treasury by
you can see it here.

They both have great shops! You should give them a visit :D


Recycled Birthday Party Invites

As you have read, my daughter who turns 8 next week is  having a "Recycled Art" birthday party...combining the two things she is very passionate about.  So you've seen a hint of the banner...more on that later, but here is a little mini tutorial for her invitations.  They are VERY easy (which is best right, when making a lot of invitations)...so here we go...

First gather your supplies...
*Strips of newspaper measuring a little less than 1 x 5.5 inches.

*Fused plastic bags (see tutorial here),cut into the appropriate number

*5.5 x 8.5 rectangles of heavy white cardstock

-->on a side note, wow.. my cutting mat has seen better days :)
Score your card and fold in half.

Apply a little glue or tape to the center of 4 strips of newspaper and arrange on your card. 

Using your sewing machine (or by hand) stitch close to the edges of each strip of paper.  Trim strings.

Use glue dots to stick your fused plastic number to the corner.  See...easy :) 

I stamped mine inside so it was ready to fill with party details.

She loves them...what do you think?

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Can you keep a secret??

My daughter is getting a wallet for her birthday :)

...I've been searching for one...the ones at the store are way too grown up and too much $$. I looked on Etsy too & found some that I liked (really liked), but didn't fit her "requirements". She wanted one opens to hold bills flat & that holds change. So, I made my own pattern.

I love how it turned out...it's made out of the remnants of a pair of her jeans that were cut-off into shorts and some scraps of fabric from an earlier crayon apron.  The little pocket has a flap to hold in coins & a pocket behind it for any other little trinkets she wants to carry around with her :)

I think after a little testing and maybe a few tweaks, I'll start making some to list in my shop.  What do you think?


What I've Been Up To....

I've been a blog slacker...sorry about that. Here are some things I've been working on (instead of typing) & some things that are coming up...my daughter is turning 8...so it's time for another birthday party.

-->I finally made some crayon rolls that hold standard size crayons... the "mini" holds 12 crayons &
the "regular" holds 24. These are great for storing crayons (no more ripped up crayon boxes), for travel & when you need a quiet activity (mine comes to church with us, the kids can doodle & listen, & wiggle less). There are more to come (along with some more pencil cases & a crayon apron or two)...look below for a little hint of the fabric I need to use up...

--> I started making mini cards that can double as gift tags...some with loops & some with cute little sleeves.

--> I bought more glass beads & elastic cord to make more bookmarks like these...
(but a little fancier &
some fabric scraps might get put to use here too)..

--> My daughter's 8th birthday is in the works. She is very passionate about two things, recycling & art (don't let her catch you accidentally drop a can in the trash) :D So the theme is "recycled art" As many of the decorations & party supplies as I can manage will be upcycled (I've been saving plastic bags for months now) & as an activity the kids will be making their own upcycled art projects. Here is what I am working on now...this upcycled fused plastic bag bunting...I love it..(can you tell where I shop the most?)
I'm just learning how to fuse plastic bags & here is a great tutorial where you can too :)

--> and last, but not least...I made this banner for my mom's blog giveaway. She is celebrating her 100th post!! The winner will be drawn on May 11th & all you have to do is leave a comment...so go and enter now-there are lots of great prizes!!
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