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I was hoping to post more valentine ideas, but life got in the way.  On January 13th my Dad was in a one vehicle accident, where his truck rolled several time in the Wind River Canyon. He has been in the ICU ever since (except for a day and a half). He continue to improve everyday and we feel blessed to have him with us.  If you are so inclined, we appreciate any prayers or positive thinking, his name is Lynn.  Thank you in advance. 

Thankfully I am here in Wyoming with my family, but will have to head home soon.

A little happy note...the treasury in the last post made it to the front page of ETSY! Congrats to all those featured :)


Be Mine, Valentine

Valentine's Day is just a little over a month away...can you believe it?  Have you started thinking about ideas? I have...how I'm going to decorate & what to give the kids {and the husband}...more on that later...

Here's a little Valentine Inspiration to get you going from some lovely shops on etsy...

Be Sure to visit the shops!


Chore Checklists

One of our family's goals this year is to have the kids take more responsibility in keeping the house clean. It's a lot of work for a family of 6.

To help them out...and make my life a little easier...I made chore checklists.  For each job they are responsible for there is a list of task that need to happen in order for the job to be done {these are for daily jobs...weekly (Saturday) jobs are more in-depth, because the deeper cleaning happens then}

They are super easy to make, here's what to do:

Print out each Room/job with the list of required tasks on your computer.  Use big bullet points to use as check boxes.  Also be sure to print them onto heavy duty card stock--they need to hold up to lots of use.

Cut out to desired size, mine are all about 8.5 x 3 inches,  

Laminate.  You can either take them somewhere or use clear contact paper (like I did).  The contact paper works great & is very cost effective.  
Cut out contact paper so it is a little more than the width x twice the height of the card, remove backing.
Place card face down onto bottom half of the sticky side of the contact paper.  Fold over and press (really press well along the edges), so both sides are laminated.
Trim extra contact paper, leaving a slight border.

Use a dry erase marker to check off finished tasks & wipe off when completed.
Happy Cleaning!

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Change is in the Air

I've decided to change up the blog a little bit...
with it I hope will come more posts for you to enjoy.

My cooking blog "Faith and Air Dumplings" will now be combined with this blog...I will be linking all the recipes for that blog, and you can find them under the "recipes" tab. {go check it out}

I've decided to add ideas for your home from decorating to organizing {both of which I love to do}

You'll still find tutorials & party ideas as always....and I hope you all enjoy the new look :)

Have a wonderful 2012 & see you back soon!
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