Color Wheel Treasury

I feel like I am hogging all the treasuries...but I had an idea I needed to try.

One night it popped in to my head (I am not a great sleeper...about a million things run through my head as I lay there trying to get to sleep)... to make a roy g. biv (the colors of a rainbow) treasury...that morphed into trying to replicate a color wheel. See the similarities?

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color wheel image found here


Trying Something New...

I've been thinking about making a boy appropriate crayon apron for a while...something like a tool belt. Today I finally put it to the test...it's not perfect...and please don't judge my hurried sewing job :)
A couple things I need to change: make separated crayon pockets...maybe 3 pockets that hold 5 crayons each...so the bottom doesn't "ruffle" when it's full of crayons & make the notebook loop a little smaller/tighter. I think I am going to stick to solid colors for the fabric..I'm not loving the print.

Let me know what you think :) I would LOVE some feedback.


Super Hero Cape Tutorial (and a second way to use the pattern)

These make super fun party favors...that are really easy (and so much better than a bag of candy) + it's great to have a bunch of kids running around in capes. It doesn't hurt that they don't cost a lot of money either....I made mine for under $2.00 each. Watch for sales, but plain, colored cotton fabric is never very expensive.
You will need (for each):
1/2 yard...you may want a little extra just in case :), 45 width cotton fabric (wash & iron before hand)
1 sheet white felt
1 sheet colored felt (you will only use about 1/4..or less of it)
iron-on Velcro
sewing machine, scissors, iron, letter template, pins

1. Cut out your letters and superman "decal"...out of the felt. Sorry there is no template for the "decal" I sketched the design on a piece of paper, folded it in half so that both sides were even & cut out...it's basically a triangle with all the points cut off.
2. Center your letter on the decal. Using your machine...stitch very close to the edge...go slowly & it's not too hard. If you are uncomfortable machine stitching it, you can always hand sew it on.

3. Create a pattern & cut out you cape fabric. Measure your child's shoulders, how long you want the cape, and how wide you want it at the bottom add 1 inch for your seam allowance. I used these measurements for my 5 yr. old... top: 9 inches wide, side: 22 1/2 inches long . Cut two pieces (I put the bottom edge along the fold, which makes one less side to sew).
Also, cut 2 strips- 3 inches x 7 1/2 inches for your straps.

4. Sew the letter decal onto the right side of one layer of the fabric you just cut out for your cape. Stitch very close to the edge again.

5. Press your strips of fabric in half long-ways...reverse fold and stitch right sides together, leaving one short side unstitched. Clip corners & turn right side out, press again. Attach Velcro per package directions...make sure you put your Velcro on the right sides :) one should be on the top of one strap, the opposite on the other strap.

6. Layer all your pieces together now...making sure the right sides are all together, with the straps positioned along the top about 1/2 to 3/4 inches in from side seams. (place fold of straps toward center, so that the fold will be the top when finished...also make sure one Velcro piece is facing up, the other down). Pin and stitch (use presser foot as your seam allowance) all the way around...leaving about 4- 5 inches unsewn, so you can turn it right side out.
7. Clip corners, turn right side out & press all seams. Top stitch, with your needle positioned to the right, around the entire cape (no need to do the straps)...and your done :).
now...another way to use this pattern...
You can make this super cute apron...

**See more pictures on my sidebar :)**
Follow all the same directions above...only leaving out the super hero decals & adding a sash (I also added some eyelet along the bottom. You can make these for boys too...use solid colors (or more boy appropriate prints)...and use a strip of fabric for the sash instead of the eyelet...use the same technique that we used for the straps, only make it longer & hand stitch the open end to close after turning. My sash is 50 inches long....adjust yours to meet your needs :).
I sewed on the details after the apron was completely sewn.
Cut a piece of eyelet a little longer than the bottom hem. Pin & sew on. Press the raw side edges of eyelet under (so it is even with the side of the apron) and secure with a few hand stitches.
For the sash, I used unfinished eyelet trim.... I folded over the top edge & ironed, then folded in each end to make a point. You can use the finished kind too...just fold ends over to make a point (or just roll under raw edge) & hand stitch.

Next find the center of the sash and center it on the horizontal center of the apron...I placed mine 8 inches down from the top. If you have unfinished eyelet, stitch from one end of the eyelet to the other, sewing it onto the apron in the process, stitching with your presser foot to the left & using the foot as your seam allowance. If you used finished eyelet or a fabric sash, just stitch onto the apron (stitch both sides of the fabric sash).
Have fun making them...I would love to see pictures of your projects...you can upload pictures onto my Facebook fan page :)
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The Cowboy State...Another Treasury

I've been feeling a little homesick...I miss my family (they all live way out west in Wyoming, Montana & Colorado...I live on the east coast)

I love to visit Wyoming...and I had no problem growing up there... I think it's beautiful.

So until this summer when the kids & I get to visit Papa & Shorty...this will have to do :)

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Super Hero Party Games

1. Taking out the Bad Guys...
knock over as many villains as you can...

You need:
*1 sheet black, foam core poster board
*villains cut outs (I used coloring pages from here)
*craft knife
*glue dots
*white colored pencil
*rice, small dry beans or split peas, or flour

1. Cut out your villains...I left a little white border, so it wasn't so tedious.
2. Using a plate and white colored pencil, trace an arch to make the stand for your villain, depending on the villain's size, then draw strait sides (see picture) & cut out with your craft knife.
3. I used 3D glue dots to attach the villains to the foam core...glue works just as well :).
4. Cut a small notch out of the bottom of your stand, mine were 1.5 inches tall and as wide as the foam core. Cut a rectangle out of the leftover foam core 3 x 1.5 inches, and slide into the notch you just cut out...it should stay with out any glue.

If you want to make your own balloon bean bags, take two balloons, cut one just below the "neck" of the balloon. Using a funnel, fill the whole balloon with rice, dried beans or flour (I used rice); tie tightly. Take cut balloon and stretch over tied balloon, make sure the knot is covered by the stretched balloon....you may want help for this part...it can be awkward to get the 2nd balloon on :). Use a pin to let out any air bubbles from the filled balloon...and your done.

2. Sticky Spider Man Hands...
grab balloons using your spidy sense :)
***Thanks Jenna (my younger sister) for the idea!...
I'm so glad it worked.***

You need:
*a lot of balloons, blown up
*stretchy, sticky hands (see picture)

Two ways to play:
1. Pile balloons up in the center of the room & just let the kids go at it...flinging their sticky hands and trying to get as many balloons as they can.

2. Divide kids into two teams & make it a relay race. One person from each team runs to get a balloon from the pile at the other end of the room; then runs back and the next kid in line goes...which ever team gets the most wins.

3. Stick the Spider on the Web
This is an easy (and obvious) game :)...we were happy to discover though that stretchy spiders are sticky enough to stick to a poster. The kids had a lot of fun with this one (and did a lot of peeking).

Have fun :)


Super Hero Birthday Party...for my son...

Last Saturday we celebrated my son's 5th birthday...superhero style :) I have some tutorials coming up...for the games we played & how to make a fast, easy & inexpensive cape (and the pattern can double for another party)
***the cake***
No tutorial for the cake...sorry. This was my first time really using fondant & and all my knowledge is based on my habitual watching of Ace of Cakes :) (so I am no expert) It's not perfect, but I loved how it turned out.
For the super heroes I downloaded coloring book pages from Coloring Pages for Kids, and edited them in Gimp (a free photo editing software program)to add color. Then printed them off to the right size and taped them to skewers.

**the decorations**

For the decorations we hung lots of crepe paper, alternating light blue and dark blue, across the room to form a sort of V pointing at the "Happy Birthday Owen" that I printed out on the computer & cut out. The super heroes are a larger version of the ones on the cake.

Above the cake and presents I hung a garland of circles (about 3 inches and about 4 1/2 inches) cut out of paper that said super hero "noises" like "crunch" "ka-pow" "zonk" & some others. I alternated 1 big circle then 2 little, strung on white curling ribbon.

The decorations were simple, but had big impact. It was a fun party...watch for the next posts...they will be the tutorials I promised :)


Spring In My Step

Last night I couldn't fall asleep...so I came down to mess around on the computer. I randomly decided to check out the treasury list & found that it was at 333 with 1 minute to go...how lucky is that? (if you don't know, you can create a treasury when the number of treasuries listed drops below 333) So I had a minute to figure out what I was going to call it...when it popped up, I paused then quickly typed in Spring in my Step... I was happy when I discovered that I had gotten one (I thought I was way to slow)...and then went in search of some great items-this is the first time I didn't have any idea of what I was going to put in my treasury...40 minutes later, I had a great group (or at least I think so) of some bright, cheerful, soothing spring items...go check it out-I hope you will like it to :)

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When Janee won her crayon roll *here* I promised to post ideas for a luau (and for everyone else who left comments...keep watching...I am planning on sharing some fun ideas for your party topics)

I've come up with two fun ideas (so far...I am debating on a banner...I will keep you updated)...here they are-

1. Tiki Invitations
I found this template...it was originally for a pumpkin, so you will need to re-size it--in the print menu I went to properties, then chose fast/economical and chose to print 4 pages per sheet...that way it ends up the perfect size for a 4.25 x 5.5 inch card. Use a craft knife to cut out the design.

Next, cut 1 sheet of light brown paper to 4 x 5.25 inches, cut a piece of dark brown cardstock slightly smaller.

Now, trace the reverse of the tiki design onto the back of the light colored cardstock and cut out. Add 3D glue dots to the back and center the dark brown piece of cardstock on top.

Last, glue onto the front of your card (1/2 piece of heavy white cardstock, folded in half)

Now, I know it seems like a lot of cutting, so if it is too much hassle for you I will have a set for sale in the next couple of days or so...I will let you know (I ran out of dark brown paper) :)
Here is a fun craft that might make a great favor...I thought it was cute :)

2. I really don't know what to call these...but it looks like you are eating sand with a beach umbrella...cakes (or more like pudding) :)

This my twist on a "dirt cake"...this is half of a recipe, and I had a lot of pudding left over. And, in hindsight, I would use foil cupcake liners instead of just paper ones...they are a little more sturdy.

You need:
1 package golden Oreo cookies
1 3/4 c. milk
1 pkg. instant vanilla pudding
2 TB butter, softened
1/2 pkg. cream cheese, softened
1/2 c. powdered sugar
8 oz. tub cool whip

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