Super Hero Party Games

1. Taking out the Bad Guys...
knock over as many villains as you can...

You need:
*1 sheet black, foam core poster board
*villains cut outs (I used coloring pages from here)
*craft knife
*glue dots
*white colored pencil
*rice, small dry beans or split peas, or flour

1. Cut out your villains...I left a little white border, so it wasn't so tedious.
2. Using a plate and white colored pencil, trace an arch to make the stand for your villain, depending on the villain's size, then draw strait sides (see picture) & cut out with your craft knife.
3. I used 3D glue dots to attach the villains to the foam core...glue works just as well :).
4. Cut a small notch out of the bottom of your stand, mine were 1.5 inches tall and as wide as the foam core. Cut a rectangle out of the leftover foam core 3 x 1.5 inches, and slide into the notch you just cut out...it should stay with out any glue.

If you want to make your own balloon bean bags, take two balloons, cut one just below the "neck" of the balloon. Using a funnel, fill the whole balloon with rice, dried beans or flour (I used rice); tie tightly. Take cut balloon and stretch over tied balloon, make sure the knot is covered by the stretched balloon....you may want help for this part...it can be awkward to get the 2nd balloon on :). Use a pin to let out any air bubbles from the filled balloon...and your done.

2. Sticky Spider Man Hands...
grab balloons using your spidy sense :)
***Thanks Jenna (my younger sister) for the idea!...
I'm so glad it worked.***

You need:
*a lot of balloons, blown up
*stretchy, sticky hands (see picture)

Two ways to play:
1. Pile balloons up in the center of the room & just let the kids go at it...flinging their sticky hands and trying to get as many balloons as they can.

2. Divide kids into two teams & make it a relay race. One person from each team runs to get a balloon from the pile at the other end of the room; then runs back and the next kid in line goes...which ever team gets the most wins.

3. Stick the Spider on the Web
This is an easy (and obvious) game :)...we were happy to discover though that stretchy spiders are sticky enough to stick to a poster. The kids had a lot of fun with this one (and did a lot of peeking).

Have fun :)

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