Spring In My Step

Last night I couldn't fall asleep...so I came down to mess around on the computer. I randomly decided to check out the treasury list & found that it was at 333 with 1 minute to go...how lucky is that? (if you don't know, you can create a treasury when the number of treasuries listed drops below 333) So I had a minute to figure out what I was going to call it...when it popped up, I paused then quickly typed in Spring in my Step... I was happy when I discovered that I had gotten one (I thought I was way to slow)...and then went in search of some great items-this is the first time I didn't have any idea of what I was going to put in my treasury...40 minutes later, I had a great group (or at least I think so) of some bright, cheerful, soothing spring items...go check it out-I hope you will like it to :)

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1 comment:

KayC. said...

Great job of picking again!

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