Super Hero Birthday Party...for my son...

Last Saturday we celebrated my son's 5th birthday...superhero style :) I have some tutorials coming up...for the games we played & how to make a fast, easy & inexpensive cape (and the pattern can double for another party)
***the cake***
No tutorial for the cake...sorry. This was my first time really using fondant & and all my knowledge is based on my habitual watching of Ace of Cakes :) (so I am no expert) It's not perfect, but I loved how it turned out.
For the super heroes I downloaded coloring book pages from Coloring Pages for Kids, and edited them in Gimp (a free photo editing software program)to add color. Then printed them off to the right size and taped them to skewers.

**the decorations**

For the decorations we hung lots of crepe paper, alternating light blue and dark blue, across the room to form a sort of V pointing at the "Happy Birthday Owen" that I printed out on the computer & cut out. The super heroes are a larger version of the ones on the cake.

Above the cake and presents I hung a garland of circles (about 3 inches and about 4 1/2 inches) cut out of paper that said super hero "noises" like "crunch" "ka-pow" "zonk" & some others. I alternated 1 big circle then 2 little, strung on white curling ribbon.

The decorations were simple, but had big impact. It was a fun party...watch for the next posts...they will be the tutorials I promised :)

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KayC. said...

Great ideas! <3 -Mom

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