Can you keep a secret??

My daughter is getting a wallet for her birthday :)

...I've been searching for one...the ones at the store are way too grown up and too much $$. I looked on Etsy too & found some that I liked (really liked), but didn't fit her "requirements". She wanted one opens to hold bills flat & that holds change. So, I made my own pattern.

I love how it turned out...it's made out of the remnants of a pair of her jeans that were cut-off into shorts and some scraps of fabric from an earlier crayon apron.  The little pocket has a flap to hold in coins & a pocket behind it for any other little trinkets she wants to carry around with her :)

I think after a little testing and maybe a few tweaks, I'll start making some to list in my shop.  What do you think?


KayC. said...

I don't know I may let it slip! Thanks again for all your help!

Cindy Geilmann said...

So simple and so darling!


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