Craft Fair Goodies...

I have been very hard at work...to say the least...in a little less than a month I have made...

4 birthday party kits
(which include 10 invites, 10 thank you notes, 10 favor boxes,
10 place cards, 2 gift cards, 1 banner, & a birthday card)

*Jungle Birthday*

*Safari Birthday*

*Circus Birthday*

*Flower Birthday*
...my favorite :)

33 cute little notepads

12 mini banners
(3 inch circles)
*give thanks*
*happy holidays!*
*it's a girl !*
*it's a boy!*

59+ cards

17 sets of 4 gift tags

37 gift card holders

and about 71 elastic bookmarks
(by the way, any leftovers will be in my etsy store next week... if you would like to see anything close up, let me know and I will post a picture)
Let me know what you think :)


Brian and Erika Hogge said...

I am SO, SO proud of you Anna! You are amazing, and incredibly talented! I hope you sell a million and then a million more! Great Job!

Janine Fredline said...

of course i luuuuuuuuv everything. You suck :) and to be honest im itchin for a few of these cute things! good luck...im sure you will do awesome and sell a toooooooon...noone is gonna be able to resist...heck im done having kids but im even tempted to by the "its a girl...its a boy" ones!

Anna said...

Janine- if you want I can bring stuff up at thanksgiving :) let me know :)

KayC. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KayC. said...

Sorry about the deleted note, just me.
I was wondering where you got all that talent from!?! Everything looks great! I hope that you sell it all :-)

The Iverson Family said...

i know how hard you worked thay look great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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