Just Listed...and Comming Soon...

One of my goals this year is to keep my etsy shop up and going ...mainly just as an outlet for my creative energy (it was dormant for almost a year)...so keep checking it out..I plan on posting lots of very cute (if I can say so myself) cards, banners, and party kits. Here are a few things I listed recently...some valentine cards (along with some baby gift card holders...see my sidebar..).

Valentine's Day is all over my craft room right now...as soon as Christmas was over I was searching for paper (and digging through my already large stash)...here are some things in the works:

a "love" banner...almost finished

I love this paper..."vintage" valentines...destined to become some little tri-fold valentines, & some cards...& maybe a tag or two.
And below...more "love birds" cards to make & I think the glittery heart paper will end up as valentines for kids.

I've also been thinking about a lot of party ideas for this year...including a special Valentine's dinner for the kids...and maybe for my husband too :)
And some ideas for family game/stay at home nights (that don't cost a lot of $...but are still special) and I have two big birthdays to plan this year...my youngest turns 5 & my daughter turns 8- I can't wait!
If you have any parties you want ideas for...let me know...I'd love to help :)

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