Friday Fancies

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This week's theme....Wind...
1. blustery print...The Grey Wind by Ma Petite Papeterie
2. fantastic Cloud Ring by Eyvinds Alchemy
3. adorable hand-carved stamp...Gentle Breeze by Love Sprouts
4. beautiful print...Blowing In The Wind by Local Artist Prints


KayC. said...

Very fun...I love the stamp. And I also love your last post...love how you picked out the colors.

katesCottage said...

Anna, GREAT picks! Oooh, I feel all blustery inside! ;) Thanks so much for participating in the Friday's Fancies! :) XO!

Nicolas Gouny said...

That's lovely and windy ^^

Eyvindsalchemy said...

Great post! Very colorful and fun. Thanks for including us too.

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