Make Your Own Cake Topper

I'm sure you've seen these around (maybe even in my shop)...adorable cake toppers that add a fun and unique look to any birthday cake (or any other cake honestly)...and they are easy to make, here's how:

1. Cut two strips of paper 2 x 12 inches each.  Score at 1 inch and fold, using a bone folder to get a good edge.  Now you should have 2 strips of paper 1 x 12 inches each.

2. Make a triangle template out of scrap paper...mine  has sides of 1 1/8 inches and is 1 inch long from tip to center top.  You can make the triangle any size you like, as long as it is not larger than your strip of paper.

 3. Line the top of your triangle template along the fold of your strip of paper and start cutting out triangles.  You will have extra, non-folded triangles left over...save them for another project.

4. Stick two, 10 inch bamboo skewers (found in the kitchen utensil department of most stores) 8 inches apart into a piece of thick Styrofoam.  Tie strings across, making sure they are tight (but not too tight).  Wrapping the strings around the ends a few times  helps the strings stay secure (you will glue the strings in place in the final step).

5. Now to add our triangles...I like to use a glue dot roller, you can use whatever adhesive you have on hand though.  Add a little glue to the inside of your triangle flag, making sure to get some over the crease-this will keep it in place.  Fold the flag over the string and press into place.  Repeat with remaining triangles, spacing them as evenly as possible.

 6. Move your skewers so they are a little closer together and the strings drape a little.  Adjust the strings so that they are evenly spaced & you like how it looks.  Glue the knotted ends of the strings to the skewers with a little dab of super glue or other clear glue.  Let dry & remove skewers from Styrofoam.  Before decorating your cake, wash & dry the ends of the skewers that were in the Styrofoam.

Now that you have the basic idea...here's a few more ideas.  And if your not feeling crafty, you can find all these in the Cake Topper or Birthdays section of my shop (either alone or added to my new birthday party kits) & I'll do all the work for you :)
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