The 5 Days of Spring Break {day 5. finger crochet}


...or maybe you call it finger knitting...either way it's an easy (and addicting) way to keep little hands busy.  Would be great for a long car ride too.  Here's what to do...

1. tie a loop of yarn around your index finger.
2. Weave yarn over and under each finger to your pinky then back to your index finger.

3. Lay yarn across your fingers above the looped yarn.

4. Pull each loop up and over the top yarn then over the finger tip.  Repeat for each finger.

5. Going the opposite way, lay yarn over fingers as in step 3.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you get the length you're looking for.  {If you need a break, carefully slide yarn off fingers and onto a pencil for easy keeping without unraveling your work}

7.  To finish, cut yarn then thread the loose end through each loop {we found it easiest to put loops onto the pencil then thread yarn through}. Pull string tight and knot the end.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. This looks like an easy way to get my boys started. I will try it tonight before I teach them. I like the style of having 4 loops instead of starting them with just one.
Do you have any suggestions what we could make out of the long string in the end? (for boys ;)))

Anonymous said...

Great - this looks easy to do.
I need some idea to get my boys started with finger crotcheting.
Now I just need an idea what projects we could make out of it; it is always easier to get them started if I present an idea as a goal...

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