Garden Party

This was my daughter's fifth birthday party, I was excited because it was the first "pretty" party I was able to do. It was so much fun.

The decorations were so easy... I used tissue paper to make the flowers for the centerpieces and favor boxes. I used 2 sundae cups, lined with green tissue paper & a container I already owned for the centerpieces. The rest of the table was easily filled with coordinating (not matching) plates, napkins, & cups with colorful straws. Crepe paper hung from the ceiling to make a "canopy". The favors are homemade matchboxes wrapped in decorative paper, they simply held candy buttons (they are the perfect size to hold a pair of barrettes or a small soft bracelet or ring).

The menu: this was by far the easiest party menu I have ever made, it was a lot of fun to reinvent some basic kid food.
*Ham and Cheese "tea sandwiches"
*Tuna "tea sandwiches"
*Peanut butter and Jelly napoleon sandwiches
(stack a sandwich in this order: bread, peanut butter, bread, jam, bread, peanut butter, bread. Cut off crusts and slice thin. The kids adored these.)
*Fruit skewers
*Assorted Crudités and dip
The cake was chocolate with seven-minute frosting. I decorated it with royal icing dots (that I had made earlier and dried completely). So simple and so cute.

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