Paper Airplane Party

For my oldest son's eighth birthday he wanted a paper airplane party... somehow I didn't get any really great pictures, but I thought it was still worth sharing. It looked great in person :)

The decorations for this party were so inexpensive and easy, a little time consuming, but easy. I made about 25-30 (maybe more) paper airplanes out of coordinating scrapbook paper, and hung them from the beams in our dining room with invisible thread, at varying heights and directions- so it looked like they were flying. I used a great book about paper airplanes by Klutz to get some more complicated plane designs (which doubled as a birthday gift). For the cake, I did two layers, one smaller than the other, frosted blue. For the airplanes on the cake I went to the florist shop and bought some plant stakes that they use to hold up cards, they worked perfect to hold the planes up and flying over the cake - just be careful with the candles. :) For the favors we had foam airplanes and Airheads candies.

The menu for this party was also simple... for kid's party I think the simpler the better. I just made all his favorite foods in appetizer form (although we did cheat and ordered a $5 pizza).
*Mini pig in a blankets
*Mini sliders (homemade meatballs and homemade mini buns made them extra yummy)
*Fruit salad and dip
*Ants on a log
*Peanut butter, banana, and honey pinwheel sandwiches

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