Baseball Birthday

This was our first "sit down" birthday party. It was for my oldest son's 5th birthday...he was able to invite 7 of his closest friends and they all had a great time...there was a lot of laughter.

I was inspired by these baseball Easter eggs that I found on clearance. I "signed an autograph" of the kids' name on each & filled them with candy, these doubled as place markers and favors.

For the table I made pennants out of stiff felt. First I cut elongated triangles out of the felt, used ribbon to trim one edge and make ties. Next I printed out Happy 5th Birthday, Play Ball, and Home Run in "Team Spirit" font in appropriate sizes on the computer, and traced the words onto the felt; use a light box (or your window), then I colored them in with markers. I tied them to dowels and stuck them in a bucket of sand...super easy!

I set the table with matching plates and cups and baseball printed table cloth, and of course, cracker jacks.

We also had the usual streamers and balloons, and a giant blow-up baseball for everyone to play with later.

For a fun activity the kids decorated fun foam visors with foam stickers in sports designs.
Fun. Easy. Inexpensive.

The Menu:
(typical ball park food)
Hot dogs
Jello salad (just because my son likes it)
Cracker jacks
Ice Cream & Cake

The Cake:

The cake was super easy...I baked a cake in a glass bowl, turned it out and froze it (to make it easier to frost) Then simply decorated it to look like a baseball, white with red gel icing stitches (if I did it again I would use regular frosting for the stitches...I don't like the gel too much). I died shredded coconut green (for the grass) and placed the cake on it.

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