My 30th...Timeline

After shopping for all the needs for the party (food & decorations), I plan my time line. It went something like this (of course I did go a little off schedule-I have 3 kids & my husband is away)...always give yourself a little extra time...
*Shop for cloth, non perishable food
*Basic cleaning, have the house ready
*Shop for flowers & perishables
(I always like to have a second shopping trip...
I usually forget at least one thing the first time)
*Arrange flowers
* Cover Italian Syrup & Club Soda Bottles
*Lay out table (make sure you like everything, before you start sewing & final prep)
*Make candle holders
* Bake layers for cake
* Sew table runners & napkins
* Arrange Furniture
* Set Table
*Last minute straitening
*Assemble & frost the cake
(I started cooking about 3 hours before party time)
I generally cook parts of each dish, then assemble them as close as possible to party time)
1. Saute mushrooms, set aside
2. Assemble Skewers, except sausage, set aside
3. Pickle onions, set aside
4. Cut sausage, brown on each side, move to crock pot to finish cooking.
5. Cut and toast bread for finger sandwiches
6. Marinate Chicken, refrigerate
7. Assemble finger sandwiches, refrigerate
8. Bake Chicken, set aside
9. Assemble Cheese Tray
10. Assemble Calzones, bake
11. Assemble Salad
12. Finish Assembling Skewers
13. Put food & Ice out as guests arrive.

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KayC. said...

You are a crazy woman!

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