Back to School Breakfast...

 Here's a few simple ideas to make your back-to-school breakfast a little more special....with out a lot of effort (or spending a lot of money--I had everything on hand)

1.The banner...not my most elaborate (or even cutest banner), but I like it.  Just print off letters (I spaced them out 4 per page...adjust your margins to be .25 each) in a cute font & color...mine are sized at 300 pts.  Cut out each letter evenly, punch holes in the top of each corner, thread onto yarn or thin ribbon (I used variegated blue & green yarn) & hang up.
2. The Cards. This year I had in my mind I wanted to make cards for each of my kids, with a special note for each of them...when I found this cute (and a little cheesy) poem online it brought my whole theme together "May this school year bring You happiness galore, and may you enjoy it- right to the core".  So I printed it out in a fun font (in brown) Googled an apple image & found one I liked then used it to make a stencil and paper piece the apple together.  (to do this cut out the outside of your image, trace onto a piece of cardstock, then cut out the different layers of the original print out...i.e. the white part of the apple...trace onto the colored papers you like & glue together...I didn't make a template for the seeds, leaves & stem...those are easily free-handed).  I attached the poem with red eyelets to the stripy paper and then glued the apple on.

4. The place markers. First I made the flags by cutting out an approx. 1 3/4 x 4 inch strip of paper.  Fold the paper in half. Cut a skewer about about 4 inches from the pointed end (keep this end, find another use for the rest).  Wrap the paper around the blunt end of the skewer and use double sided tape to secure the paper to itself & the skewer.  Cut paper into a pennant shape & write the name on it, then poke the pointed end into the side of an apple, at an angle.

5. The Centerpiece. I arranged books and a "bouquet of newly sharpened pencils" (from You've Got Mail...I love that movie) and a little 'r' (for our last name)....super simple, but it does the job :)

Have a great school year! :D

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Anonymous said...

This is so cute, I love the cards you made and the fun fonts you chose for everything!

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