It's My Birthday...

Well...it's my blog's birthday. I want to share a few of my favorite "birthday" posts from the last year...but first I want to thank my mom (cheesy, I know) :) she has been telling me for years to write my ideas down...and last year I finally gained enough courage (and belief in myself) to do it. I hope you have all enjoyed my posts (there are a lot more to come) & Thanks for reading (keep reading...down at the bottom there is a special discount for my etsy shop)
Here they are...
My 1st Place Favorite Post
(actually a group of posts) is from my 30th birthday party. My husband was away & I threw a party for myself...so it brings back memories of having a really great time in the midst of one of the hardest times in my life. I love all the pictures & the food was so good. It was a great party. :)

2nd Place goes to...
Cake Pops...which is just an idea that I'm sharing from Bakerella. They are always a big hit in the classroom...and they are fun to make :)

3rd Place...
This was my daughter's 5th birthday...I loved decorating this party...It was my first really "girly" party....and it was my first real post :)

Now for a birthday present...from now until next Friday (3/5/10) you can take 20% off anything in my Shop!

Enter this code: Birthday20 in "notes to seller" when you check out...I will refund the difference immediately through PayPal (does not apply to shipping).

1 comment:

KayC. said...

Thanks for the shout out. You are very talented and needed to show off your stuff! I'm glad you are doing that. ;-D

I'm shocked that you didn't share your 30th b-day gift that we got you.

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