Valentines Table Runner

In the craft store the other day, I decided to grab a couple packages of paper heart doilies & see what I could come up with. In the back of my head I have been planning the kid's special Valentine's dinner that we have every year...it never occurred to me that it was coming up so soon...but that's okay.
I wanted to use them in a non-obvious way (although I am sure I am not the first person to do this)...I thought about hanging them from the ceiling...
(which I still might get some small ones for that...I have a thing for hanging decorations from the ceiling).
I decided to make a table runner...and it is so easy & inexpensive (and disposable, no need to try and store it for next year). All you need is two packages of heart doilies (two different colors, one larger than the other) and glue.

1. glue the tips of the hearts together, both colors.

2. Lay out your hearts so you can estimate how many you will need...

3. Alternating colors/sizes, glue together just on the edge, barely overlapping..
The finished product...
now to decide what else I want to add to their Valentine's table...
For dinner I plan on serving:
Personal Lasagnas
(in their own ramekin & some extra veggies snuck in)
Heart shaped rolls
Chocolate Fondue
(I will be trying this one)
with strawberries, heart shaped pound cake pieces & other good things to dip.

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KayC. said...

I want to come! Great ideas!

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