{pinned there, done that} Cheese Crackers

aka...Cheez Its...my oldest INHALES them, he would easily eat an entire box in a sitting if he could get away with it.  So I decided to try out this pin.

The dough came together easy enough, here are some tips...

 *in the recipe it says to "pulse" the mixture in the food processor for about 2 minutes...don't pulse, just let it run.  You'll know exactly when the dough comes together, it starts out crumbly then suddenly it's a formed dough.

*I don't like to roll things out using plastic wrap, so I rolled them right on a lightly floured counter and used a small off-set spatula to move them to the cookie sheet.

*you can place the crackers close together, the recipe says 1/2 an inch apart...and 1/8 of an inch is just fine. mine were almost exactly the same size around, just puffier.

*Cook closer to the 10 minute mark (or a bit longer).  I took the first batch out a little too early, they were done & lightly browned, but the second batch I let go a little longer & they had more of the great nutty, toasty, cheesy flavor that you associate with cheese crackers.

*I used the wrong size of an extra large pastry tip to cut out my crackers.

The reviews? I liked them, they are a little tedious to make, and I'm not quite sure they are worth the effort on a regular basis. They would be great as part of a gift basket.  My oldest son said they could be "cheesier", but liked them.  Give them a try...let me know what you think :)

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KayC Butler said...

You know I love this idea...pinned there done that. I might have to try it just to have some on hand.

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