{pinned there, done that} English muffin bread

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest, pinning pin after pin, but really wondering "hmmm, does that really work?" or "can that really taste as good as it looks?" (or does it taste better than it looks...some of the food out there looks horrible)
So I've decided to run a new blog feature...weekly I'll test out something new that I've found on Pintrest...and tell you how they really work out, if they need any tweaks, or if you should just plain stay away :)

First up--this recipe for English Muffin Bread

The grade? an easy A 
The recipe was very easy to follow, and came together very quickly.  The hardest part was getting the batter evenly into the two pans...it's texture is a cross between a quick bread and yeast bread, it's pretty sticky(which really wasn't that big of a deal).  Mine raised faster than the recipe said it would, although it is summer in southern Maryland :)  It's easy enough that you could quickly put together a batch the night before for breakfast the next morning.

The entire family loved it.  It has all the 'nooks and crannies' a good english muffin should have and a little bit of a chewy texture (which I love). It slices very well (no crumbly mess left in the process) and is fantastic toasted with butter and jam or for a fried egg sandwich.

So give it a try...I'll think you'll enjoy :)

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KayC. said...

I have tried it and I love to make this bread.

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