{pinned there, done that} DIY Fabric Refresher

Lately I've been trying a lot of homemade cleaning supplies, not only does it save money, but I can't stand the choking chemical smells of most cleaners {plus they have to be healthier, right?}

This week I tried out this pin & made my own fabric refresher... aka "febreeze"

So far, it's worked.  The kids said it smelled great.  My 7 year old went on to say that it is "was very refreshment"....hahahaha...I love little kids.  

Mine wasn't as strong as what you find at the store--which I don't mind at all--but it probably depends on the size of squirt bottle you use.  Shake it well to dissolve the baking soda (you may need to do this before each use).  And 2 tablespoons = 1/8 cup...don't get another dish dirty to measure the fabric softener :)

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KayC Butler said...

I love this new "pinned there, done that"! It gets me inspired to do some of the pins I have. Like make my own cleaning stuff too!

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