Gratitude Jar

Here is a quick, easy, inexpensive & meaningful way to add to your Thanksgiving decor...

"I am Grateful" jar

here is what you need:

A large clear glass jar with smooth sides (use what ever shape or style you like)
clear contact paper
printer, paper & a good font :)

1. Print out the letters for "I am grateful" with extra spaces in between in fall colors--you choose :). Use a large font size, around 90 for 'I am' & 150 or so for 'grateful" I used the font 'Matiz'...try fontsquirrel.com or acidfonts.com for great free fonts.

2. Cut out letters. Cut a strip of clear contact paper wide enough to fit your letters (mine has 'I am' above 'grateful & measures 3 inches).

3. Remove the backing from the contact paper, working right side down and backwards (or you will end up with a mirror image), stick cut out letters, color side down onto the sticky side of the contact paper.

4. Stick contact paper to jar, wrapping around the width.  You will end up with a 'frosty' stripe with the letters.

5.Place your jar, with a small pad of paper & pencils, somewhere where your family & guests can write down & add what they are thankful for....great to keep up all year round--so we can always remember to count our blessings :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


KayC. said...

I love it! I think I might use the same technique (sp?) for my flour,sugar,ect. canisters because they are the same jars that you used for your gratitude jar. White letters and that frosted look...
should look great in the kitchen! What do you think?

Anna said...

I think it will look great!

Hanna said...

HI there! I am your newest follower. I love finding new blogs and yours is lovely. You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

Take a *peek* at my giveaways if you stop by. Everything is handmade and gorgeous!!

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