Thanksgiving Crafty Countdown...DAY 1

With only one week until Thanksgiving I thought I would countdown the days with fun activities for you & your family to do together (and mine too)

...here's the first--super easy, cute and inexpensive:
Cone Cornucopia Place Markers

You need:
a microwave
sugar cones
filler (I used caramel candy corn, trail mix works great too)
1/2 x 5 1/2 inch strips of paper
pen or colored pencil

1. Set one cone at a time on a microwaveable plate so it is standing straight up. Microwave from 10-20 seconds (mine took 20 seconds, but I have a low-watt oven)...use the first as a test.  You want the cone to start to get soft toward the tip---don't go too long, it will start to burn.

2.  Bend the tip of the cone toward the open end to form a "cornucopia".  Be careful--it will be a little hot, hold it so that it cools down & holds it's shape.

3. Write the name on the center of the strip of paper. If desired cut a V out of each end of the paper, so it resembles ribbon.  Wrap one end of the paper around a pencil, just two times, unroll.  Repeat with the opposite end, wrapping it around the opposite direction.  Unroll.

4. Fill your cornucopias & place on a plate with a napkin...or where ever you would like :) Drape the 'ribbon' paper a top the cornucopia...easy enough :) & your done.

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KayC. said...

Your post about this is so much better than mine! Good job!

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