Thanksgiving Crafty Countdown..Days 2,3,4...

So...time got away from me this weekend...between the craft fair, errands & everything else that had to be done--seeing Harry Potter was one of them :) I just didn't have time to blog.  So on Sunday afternoon the kids sat down & had some crafting time.  These crafts are all supper easy (and I think you can make all three for under $10)

"Stained Glass" Leaves
I remember doing this when I was in the first grade...only we put dry leaves in with the crayons and made colored paper frames.  It's amazingly easy & a good use for extra, worn out crayons that you might have...

You need:
wax paper
crayons (paper peeled back)
pencil sharpener
yarn or tape (opt.)
hole punch

1. Fold a piece of waxed paper in half.

2. sharpen crayons over waxed paper.  Collect a good amount of shavings---use lots of different colors--on one side of the creased wax paper.

3. Sandwich crayon shavings in wax paper.  Run a warm iron over it quickly...it only takes a second, you will see the crayons melt instantly--the kids think this is so cool :) If you happen to get a little wax on your iron, quickly wipe it off onto a old towel.

4. Trace or draw leaves onto the cooled wax paper (it cools almost instantly).

5. Cut out leaves.

6. Punch holes, tie onto yarn & hang in front of a window. Or tape to a window so that they are lit up from the sunlight.

Indian Beads
 I know you could just string plastic beads from the store...but I think this adds a little more fun (plus you get hundreds of beads for about $1.00)

You need:
ditalini pasta (short tubes)
food coloring (liquid or gel)
yarn or string

1. separate pasta in to resealable plastic bags (one for each color you want to make.  Add a few drops of food coloring and shake until all the pasta is colored.

2. Pour pasta onto a glass plate or container and let it dry for a few minutes (so your fingers don't get stained).

3. String one pasta bead onto the yarn and tie a knot around it.

4. Wrap the opposite end with a thin piece of tape, this will keep it from un-raveling & will be easier to thread through the pasta.

5.  String as many beads as you like to make necklaces, bracelets, rings, napkin rings--or anything else you can think up :)

Leaf Napkin Ties
This is a fun craft for the older kids.  One set took my 8 year old only 5-10 minutes, start to finish.  Make sure they know to be careful with the needle.

You need:
felt, assorted colors
yarn or embroidery floss
large needle
fabric scissors

1. Cut two leaves out of felt.

2. Thread one end of yarn through the needle, knot the other end. Starting at the tip of one leaf, stitch a running stitch (basic in and out) down the center to the end of the stem.

3.  Keeping enough length of yarn between the leaves to tie around your napkins, stitch the second leaf onto the same yarn, this time starting at the stem and ending at the tip of the leaf.

4. Tie around your napkin.

Have fun crafting!

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KayC. said...

Looks like fun! Wish I was there to craft with the kids. And CONGRATS on your craft fair!

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